My quest for the nine recipes of: FRONTIER COMFORTS. Part three of the DLC: Tales of the Far Territory.
Lily's Pancakes:  Mountain Town. In Grey Mothers House. In the kitchen, between a table leg and the window.
Prepper's Pie:  In any of the nine prepper bunkers. This time in the bunker in Mountain Town.
Stalker's Pie:  A tough one. Hushed River Valley. On a corpse, close to a small pond east of Stairsteps Lake.
Thomson Family Stew:  Pleasant Valley. In the office, on the desk at the Community Hall, at Thomson's Crossing,
Camber Flight Porridge:  Forsaken Airfield. In the Main Hanger. Upstairs in the kitchen area, on a shelf under the microwave.
Breyerhouse Pie:  Broken Railroad. In Hunting Lodge basement. On top of vegetable rack, next to the storage bin.
Dockworker's Pie:  Bleak Inlet. In Cannery machine shop. On the table in worker's break room.
Coastal Fishcakes:  Desolation Point. On bulletin board, in Lonely Lighthouse.
Ranger Stew:  Ash Canyon. On the table in Forman's Retreat.