Region Bedroll Firestriker Hacksaw Hammer Lantern Mag Lens Prybar
Ash Canyon       Miner’s Folly barn      
      High Meadow[1]      
      Miner’s Folly[2]      
      Gold Mine[3]      
Blackrock Abandoned Mine[4]   Forager’s Remnant Steam Tunnels[5] Jailer’s Residence   Old Substation
    Old Substation   Bricklayer’s Retreat   Forager’s Remnant
    Cook’s Farm Barn   Near trailer south of Power Plant   Near Power Plant[6]
    Bricklayer’s Retreat   Cook’s Farm barn   Bricklayer’s Retreat[7]
            Abandoned Mine[8]
            Near Cook’s Farm[9]
            Keeper’s Pass tunnel[10]
Bleak Inlet Far island cave           Cannery building (outside)
Fallen Lighthouse           Near Trailers west of Cannery
Western Cannery house           Boat near Fallen Lighthouse
Eastern Cannery house           White container on Long Bridge
            Near Washed Out Trailers
            Cannery, inside[11]
Broken Railroad Hunting Lodge[12] Ravine[13]         Broken Bridge[14]
  Rickety bridge cave         Maintenance Shed, outside[15]
  Hunting Lodge barn[16]         Locomotive Engine[17]
  Hunting Blind         Maintenance Yard, outer shack
            Maintenance Shed[18]
Coastal Highway     Cinder Hills Coal Mine[19] Fishing Hut[20]     The Tooth[21]
    Quonset Garage[22] Log Sort[23]     Cabin NW of The Tooth[24]
      Fishing Camp[25]     Fishing hut south of Log Sort
      Quonset Garage[26]     Near Train Unloading[27]
      Trailer[28]     Outside Cinder Hills Coal Mine[29]
      Jackrabbit house[30]     Quonset Garage[31]
            Waterfront Cottages[32]
Desolation Point   No.5 Abandoned Mine[33] Hibernia Processing[34]       Hibernia Processing[35]
Far Range Branch Line             Bridge[36]
            BR Tunnel[37]
Forlorn Muskeg     Spence’s Homestead[38]        
    High blind        
    Shortwave Tower        
    Poacher’s Camp        
Forsaken Airfield Hunting Blind[40]           Main Hangar[41]
Control Tower[42]            
Mindful Cabin            
Hushed River Valley Ice Caves[43]   Stairsteps Lake[44] Mysterious Signal Fire     Northern cave next to a corpse
    West of Valley View Point[45]        
    Near Reclusive Falls[46]        
    NW Ice Cave entrance[47]        
    Ice Caves[48]        
Keeper's Pass         Ice Cave[49]    
Mountain Town     Orca Gas Station[50] Paradise Meadows Farm[51] Grey Mother’s House[52] St. Christopher's Church[53] Picnic Area building[54]
            In front of Orca gas station
            Paradise Meadows Farm[55]
            Burned down school[56]
Mystery Lake Camp Office[57]     Forestry Lookout Southern lake cabins Trapper's Hut[58] Logging camp[59]
      Fishing hut[60] Lake Overlook cave   Outside the Dam
      Trappers Hut barn Forestry Lookout   Lone Lake Cabin
      Abandoned Lookout[61] Abandoned Lookout   Unnamed Pond cabin[62]
      Logging Camp[63] Upper dam[64]   Train Loading Area[65]
      Derailment[66]     Forestry Lookout[67]
Pleasant Valley Misty Falls Cave[68]     Molly’s Barn[69]   Farmhouse basement[70] Near Thomson’s Crossing[71]
            Point of Disagreement
            Barn near the Farmstead
            Signal Hill
            End of the Road[72]
            Thomson’s Crossing[73]
Timberwolf Mountain   Tail Section Tail Section[74] Tail Section[75] Fishing hut    
    Mountaineer’s Hut[76] Mountaineer’s Hut[77]      
    North of Crystal Lake[78] Fishing Hut[79]      
    Tail Section[80] Tail Section[81]      
      Chasm cave Engine[82]      
Winding River              

 between rope climbs by a corpse
destroyed shack
outside, shack by the entrance
under table near collapsed exit
control room
Between Power Plant and Steam Tunnels
 in a boat
outside, near collapsed exit
Near power lines past bridge from the farm
Next to the crushed car near the tunnel
    -next to wooden crates near entrance
    -near kitchen tables
    -under metal trough near Milling machine
    -on the steps to crane control
    -bathroom upstairs
    -in one of the bedrooms upstairs
Near wooden bin [BUGGED, unreachable]
Near the train car
Under the truck in the wooden shed
In the wheelbarrow
on a train
    -on a workbench
    -under lockers in bathroom
    -between blue truck and toolbox
    -metal table near exit
Random, upper area:
    -under metal shelves in fenced area
    -wooden construction near PV entrance
    -under workbench
Hut between Jackrabbit Island and Log Sort
In a car nearby
    -under large toolbox
    -on a workbench near first aid
    -under metal shelves in “bedroom”
    -behind tyres in big room
Next to the trailer
Outside, by a corpse
Under workbench
On a metal barrel outside
Near the trailer downhill from the area
In front of the trailer north/uphill from Log Sort
In front of the upper entrance
Outside in front of the house
Outside, under a truck
 Near wooden pallets
 In a small crate in the central area
    -on workbench
    -in a metal table near bottom exit
    -under broken stairs in the large room
    -leaning against wooden crate near double doorway towards workshop room
    -behind cardboard near workshop
    -behind metal pipes near bottom exit
    -under large green cylinders in the large room
Between the bridge and the tunnel leading to BR
    -Near a train car inside tunnel near BR entrance
    -Near derailed red train car in the tunnels, before the collapsed part
    -In the shack inside the tunnels
Tall tree stump closest to the Homestead, it's on top of it, quite hard to see and reach
Next to a corpse crushed under a fallen tree at the cave north of Poacher's Camp bear den
the one closer to Justy’s Hovel
    -boxes room without wheelbarrow upstairs, behind wooden shelves [possible bug – doesn’t seem to spawn on interloper]
    -office room upstairs, under a metal desk
    -on an engine near the yellow motorboat
small room
Sketchys caves, random:
    -camp near Long Shot Falls entrance
    -camp near Valley Point View entrance
    -camp near southern signal fire cave entrance
Snow shelter camp near Stairsteps Lake
Snow shelter camp between Reclusive Falls and Valley View Point
Snow shelter camp on a hill between Reclusive Falls and Offset Falls
Snow shelter on a hill south of the cave entrance
Sketchys caves, random:
    -camp near Long Shot Falls entrance
    -camp near Valley Point View entrance
    -camp near southern signal fire cave entrance
Transition between Keeper's Pass North and South - Spelunker's Lantern
    -under metal desk
    -on a trash bin in the central area
    - under metal shelves in the bathroom
    -on metal shelves in the backroom
on the ground in the kitchen
on a table near stairs
 on the book stand
under stove
outside, near truck
in the wooden shed
    -under the stairs
    -next to the stove bunkbed
    -next to the cupboard bunkbed
under the bed
Near one of the trailers
near bear den
Next to the wooden bin
outside, at the outhouse
Destroyed house near trailers
 stairs room, middle floor
train car
In train car
outside, top of the lookout
behind the waterfall
    -near fire barrel
    -in the hay bed
    -behind tractor tyre
under lockers
Over the bridge from the town, on a cart near one of the houses
In a car
wooden shack at the dock
on a crate
by the cargo container
by the window
In a boat near the hut
By a corpse at cargo containers
under the stove
by the entrance
 in the corner near a crate
near metal debris