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Location HackSaw Heavy Hammer Magnifying Lens FireStriker Bedroll Storm Lantern Location
TimberWolf Mountain Summit Mountaineer's hut next to the container with
medical supplies on Summit
fishing hut
crystal lake
TimberWolf Mountain
Pleasant Valley Cinder coal mine (PV-CH)
Farmhouse basement workbench
Farmhouse basement
corner broken file cabinet
Mystic river picnic area
in the middle of the cave
  Pleasant Valley
Winding River             Winding River
Mystery Lake   Forestry Lookout
in the corner
Trapper’s homestad   Camp office Lake overlook cave.
 Upper Dam - metal shelf
Mystery Lake
Forlorn Muskeg Old Spence’s Homestad
          Forlorn Muskeg
Ravine     Ravine
Coastal Highway Quonset workbench no2 fishing hut between
Jackrabbit island + bridge
        Coastal Highway
Crumbling Highway         Crumbling Highway
Desolation Point Hybernia processing
near safe
    Mine no5 crate in the middle     Desolation Point
Milton Orca gas station
near the bed
Paradise Meadows Farm
Church pew     Gray mother's living room Milton
Broken Railroad       Ravine near Bear Cave that you
have to attach a rope to to get to
Hunters Lodge in
the basement
  Broken Railroad
Hushed River Valley   The active Mysterious
Signal Fire
    Eastern ice cave complex
above the short rope climb
  Hushed River Valley