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Location HackSaw Heavy Hammer Magnifying Lens FireStriker Bedroll Storm Lantern Location
Ash Canyon           Ice fishing hut Ash Canyon
TimberWolf Mountain Mountaineer's hut Summit next to the container with
medical supplies on Summit
TimberWolf Mountain
Pleasant Valley Farmhouse basement
on workbench
Radio control Hut Pleasant Valley
Winding River         Cave   Winding River
Mystery Lake Lower dam under the stairs Trapper's homestead
on workbench
Camp office downstairs
behind shelf
Unnamed pond hunting blind Forestry lookout Mystery Lake
Forlorn Muskeg High blind         bunk houses near
Spence's homestead
Forlorn Muskeg
Ravine train wagon   Ravine
Coastal Highway Abandoned lookout         Quonset station Coastal Highway
Crumbling Highway         Crumbling Highway
Desolation Point         Hybernia processing
up the pipe
  Desolation Point
Milton Paradise Meadows Farm
on workbench
Post office on chair   Gas Station Trailer up from the Church Milton
Broken Railroad Table in Maintenance Yard
by the Back Door
    Cave between hunting lodge
and rickety footbridge
    Broken Railroad
Hushed River Valley         Lower part of Sketchy ice cave   Hushed River Valley