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Location HackSaw Heavy Hammer Magnifying Lens FireStriker Bedroll Storm Lantern Location
TimberWolf Mountain   Fishing Hut on crystal lake Cave on secluded shelf next to container with
medical supplies on Summit
Near wing TimberWolf Mountain
Pleasant Valley Barn on table near car   Cave near
rural store
Misty Falls picnic
area cave
Pleasant Valley
Winding River Winding River
Mystery Lake Unnamed Pond
Hydro DAM room, safe
Forestry Lookout
on the bench
Camp office
upper floor
  Hunting Blind near
Alan’s Cave
  Mystery Lake
Forlorn Muskeg Bunkhouses
near Spence’s
Shortwave Tower Poacher’s Camp Forlorn Muskeg
Ravine Ravine basin near
Flare Gun
Coastal Highway   Fishing camp
under workbench
  Behind JackRabbit Island
on dead body
  Quonset Station Coastal Highway
Crumbling Highway         Crumbling Highway
Desolation Point Mine 3-5 in mid room           Desolation Point
Milton Gas Station on chair
behind the counter
Trailer near church
on entry to MIlton
Paradise Meadows farmhouse
in bedroom corner
    Church Milton
Broken Railroad       Hunter's blind Hunter's Lodge
  Broken Railroad
Hushed River Valley Upper part ice cave
that has wolf
      Upper part ice cave
that has wolf
  Hushed River Valley