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Location HackSaw Heavy Hammer Magnifying Lens FireStriker Bedroll Storm Lantern Location
TimberWolf Mountain Summit   mountaineering hut
under the bed
next to the container with medical
supplies on Summit
    TimberWolf Mountain
Pleasant Valley Farmhouse basement
metal shelves
Barn. 2nd floor
between crates
        Pleasant Valley
Winding River Winding River
Mystery Lake Trapper’s cabin Lower Dam
on workbench
Forestry Lookout Lake overlook Camp officeLast hut on
the lake near bear cave
Trapper’s cabin Mystery Lake
Forlorn Muskeg Cave north of
poachers camp
        Near old Spences house
in broken building
Forlorn Muskeg
Ravine   Ravine
Coastal Highway Quonset Car Near Log Sort Coastal Highway
Crumbling Highway           Crumbling Highway
Desolation Point Scruffy’s cave Hibernia Processing Desolation Point
Milton Trailer near church
by the broken lockers
  Gray mother's in nightstand
in the daughter's bedroom
  Milton Park building Paradise Meadows
Farmhouse Office
Broken Railroad Maintenance Shed
Workbench near entrance
Cave near the Hunting Lodge
(may be in truck since Steadfast Ranger)
Hunting lodge upstairs
(may be missing since Steadfast Ranger)
  Broken Railroad
Hushed River Valley Abandoned camp fire
at Cloudtop Falls
Mysterious Signal Fire.
The one active in your run
Ice Cave with rope and wolf   Hushed River Valley